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Blogs Blogging

Blog, Blogs and Blogging… and bloggers, blogosphere, bloggernacle, vlog…

The Story Lite software can be used for blog writing as many separate stories or notes can be easily arranged.

Dates and chronology for launch

Boxes can be used to write future dated blogs, while you are still researching them.

Boxes can be dragged off to the bottom or side when finished with, rather than deleting, for future reference.

Obviously they are on your blog, but you can still see how your blogs have developed.


And you can put color borders around them to group them – red for one category, blue for another etc.

Background box color

Use one box back color for editing, another for finished editing.

Or whatever you think up! The system is completely flexible.

Export formatted text

All bold, italics, font size, color, etc. information to your blog posts via the RTF Export feature.

A vlog is a video log which is a new development. There goes the bandwidth!

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