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All Example, Help and Template file list

These are interactive Story Lite example, help and template files. Get the software with the sign up to the right.
Story Turbo v2 (with images) is the current Pay What You Like release. Download Story Turbo now > It comes with all examples and templates, plus a large clip art graphic library.

Zip files (many examples) – just save as normal then you open them. We can use individual files but it is easier to zip them together. Also some computers try to open a straight file with the wrong application as they are XML files.


There is a new file for text styles, you can use this as a basic method to copy/paste styles into new boxes (or clone them).

[wpdm_file id=32]


[wpdm_file id=31]

Want to improve your presentations, business or otherwise? Pitching an idea?

This file will open in Story Lite, the images in it (from Story Turbo) will appear as empty boxes.


This is a simple file with the essential actions you need to know to use Story Lite. It is in new v1.1 installs and here it is for early users. 2 Kb sto format file.

[wpdm_file id=30]


Many more will be added over time. Size Templates are down the page a bit.

Fiction and non fiction examples – 13 files, plus an orange 4 box layout – 37 Kb zip file

[wpdm_file id=7]

Fiction empty layout and Non fiction (essay, blog, report) layout empty example (2) – 5 Kb zip file

[wpdm_file id=12]

Fiction template; Life in the Bubble World story example, colour (1) – 15Kb zip file

[wpdm_file id=11]


Three Pillars of Zen

Teaching – Practice – Enlightenment

Earth – Moon – Sun

Accurate distance layout – use the red box in the Info Map to navigate from the Earth to the Sun.
The moon is 3 pixels, this looks like a dot. Use the info map – you can see the three boxes with the Moon, Earth and Sun in them.
Also facts and figures – 4 Kb .sto Story format file (save first then open in Story Lite)

Earth Moon and Sun, and Three Pillars of Zen (2 files, zip, 3 Kb)

[wpdm_file id=19]

If you want to write Romance or Crime fiction, or business and education reports etc. just open the file in the Story program and off you go.

They provide useful how to write advice and genre information and can be edited to suit, boxes can be deleted or added, then you can save as your current creation name.

If you create a good template file, please send it in via the Contact page.

They are also displayed as web pages (Story file exports) under the menus above:

  • Fiction
  • Web, Business, Education
  • Blogs and Blogging

These will be on as Story examples soon. Have a look at the pages for them here on How to Use menu.


There are many default screen window and canvas sizes, with empty boxes. These are for different computers or devices.

PC monitor template sizes (15) – 6Kb zip file

[wpdm_file id=4]

Apple monitor template sizes (6) – 6Kb zip file

[wpdm_file id=5]

NOTE: on XML file renaming by system: sometimes on single downloads, the new file extension we use (name.sto) causes Windows to think it is an XML file (it is actually), and tries to open an XML editor; if you then select a new program (Story Lite) to open it, it changes the extension to .sto.xml

This is obviously very silly, so please just “Save” the file, then double click on it to open it in Story Lite.

We are looking into a way to stop it opening an XML editor.

Zip files (many examples) just save as normal then you open them.

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