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New v1.1 Story Lite Apple Mac installers now released, free productivity software

The Apple Mac installers for v1.1 are here, they have a streamlined interface and some changes internally, so if you are on v1.0, get this version, it is better.

The Download page is the main place but they are here, with the Windows installers too.

Sign up is not required now to download the software. New features like a Social Media Forum and competitions are coming very soon. Let us know what you think of the changes.

APPLE MAC installer

Download Story Lite v1.1 for Mac dmg file. Open the dmg then just drag the Story Lite round icon into the Applications folder. 2.9 Mb. Mac OS 10.5 and above.

Download Story Lite v1.1 for Mac

WINDOWS installer

There is a ZIP file and and EXE file for Windows. The zip file is just the executable installer put in a zip as some people prefer this.

Download Story Lite v1.1 Windows version ZIP file

Download Story Lite v1.1 Windows version ZIP file

Download Story Lite v1.1 Windows version EXE file

Download Story Lite v1.1 Windows version EXE file

This is for Windows XP, Win 7, Vista and other Windows versions. Includes all of the library files needed by Story Lite.

Anyone who has version 1.0, please see your email for news of special discounts.

This is the simplest Story Lite productivity software install and requires no additional files. It transparently includes what it needs from the Java Library by Oracle. It is 19 Mb.

Story Lite version 1.1 out – free no sign up needed – go get it folks

Latest version of our unique productivity software is now out for Windows (Mac/Linux in next day or two).
No sign up required – just download and run!

This has interface improvements and some minor tweaks ‘under the hood’.

If you already have v1.0, I will email you soon will special discounts on all future releases of our commercial software (coming soon).

Download Story Lite version 1.1 now >

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