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Story Lite word processor notes organizer organiser zooming Win Mac app

NEW APP: Notes With Links for Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2013. Free trial. Unique new app with active links to notes from places in documents or cells. A multi user organizer with many note panels. This app is for Word, Excel and (some limits) PowerPoint.

April 1 2014: The Office Store page is down for maintenance as the price is changing, this is not as simple as it sounds (this is not a joke btw!). I will email members when the new version is live.

STORY TURBO – FREE creative writing & notes organizer software

Story Turbo Freeware Writing Organizing Notes Software with Zoom and Images

Story Turbo Freeware Writing Organizing Notes Software with Zoom and Images

NEWS: Story Turbo Freeware released

Story Turbo is the pro version with IMAGES, 400% zoom, snap, Publish button, many other new features – and more to be added.

“Thanks for an awesome program!” – Dustin Paddock, 29 July 2013

“Highly recommended!” – successful author Lynn Viehl

Notes and structure in one unique ZOOMING app

Microsoft Windows productivity software freeware Story Lite downloadWindows

Apple Mac productivity software freeware Story Lite downloadApple Mac

Click here to see a chart of features >


  • Creative writing, notes, composition and research
  • Word processing with side boxes, callouts, sidebars, comments, notes
  • Publish/export all work into word processor, as web pages, and images

Word processor side boseds callouts sidebars notes zooming

Great free format organizer or whiteboard (with color!), corkboard & pinboard, for documentation, research, lists

Organizer organiser whiteboard corkboard brainstorm zooming

Many other uses:

  • Fast easy desktop publishing for ebooks, magazines, teaching materials
  • Presentation with many layouts on huge canvas
  • Publish and export as images, formatted text, web
  • Improve your writing with notes and research!

Many more benefits:

Images – the big difference between Lite and Turbo is image import – photos, graphs, arrows, clipart, more.

Grouping move groups of boxes and images around.

Transparent text box backs.

layer boxes – use this make collages and montages.

Snap to grid – accurately line up boxes

Publish button on toolbar – for word processor, web html export, images export, export to blog, social media etc.

Zoom 2% to 400% with shortcuts.

Many more improvements and shortcuts.


Watch these two videos below for to get some ideas. A slide show and a longer video are further down the page.

What is Story Lite?

Easy to use free software for writing and creativity with multiple notes on a zooming layout canvas

For all writing tasks, creative, analytical, educational, increase your productivity.
For Windows and Mac, with many templates and examples.

Never lose anything, make personal layouts, free and easy to use

Helps you think and write, all writing and notes on same big zoom canvas.

Editor’s Pick on Major Geeks – “It’s free, easy, stimulating and fun!”

Major Geeks Editors Pick

Major Geeks Editors Pick

More testimonials and reviews >

TOP 10 USES for Story Lite – Video, Music, Presentations, CAD, Fiction, Blogs, Unique >

Improve your creative output

Maximize your ideas, notes and texts. All work is instantly visible. You can quickly arrange layouts, zoom in and out, change colour, Publish, export.

Watch our videos and the slide show below. You’ll see for yourself.

Once you start using Story Lite, you’ll be wondering how you did without it.

This is free productivity software, not a demo. Play and experiment with it. The possibilities are endless. Surprise yourself! Tell us what you are doing with it – we’d love to know.

What is it for?

To increase productivity and creativity – see all ideas, notes, titles, and texts in any order and direction, with no limits.

Who is it for?

Everyone. It is useful for ideas, notes, complete writing jobs, editing and blogging. It is also a new publishing format as it can be used to make text works that go in all directions, rather than straight down the page.

Is it easy to use?

YES: it’s easy, stimulating and fun!
Familiar interface tools so no learning curve.

Great software at a price for everyone.


  • SPEED UP work with this multiple box text editor (images imported soon).
  • IDEAS and NOTES – never lose them!
  • IMPROVE AND EXPAND your writing by zooming to see all notes and ideas – in the same document.
  • FULL COLOUR 3D work space for text and images.
  • ONE WORK AREA – keep all notes, ideas, main text, refs, URLs etc in ONE place, one file save.
  • ZOOM interface, color, export and publish, drag and resize, many features.
  • CREATE IDEAS just by changing the layout (2D) and zooming in and out (3D)

Here is a productivity software features video:

Privacy: If you sign up, your email is confidential and will not be used for anything else.


This site is for the Story Lite productivity software, a desktop application for Windows and Mac.

The upgrade is Story Turbo >

Writing software for all, free productivity software, for all, better and different from Word and text editors. For writers, bloggers, artists, creatives, novelists, short story writers, poets, essayists, people who want to write but have not got started yet. It can be used as book writing software but us a general writer’s software tool. There are many How To Write pages here, as we have exported the Story application content to web pages.

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