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Top free writing notes and image software since 2010

“Hey there! I’m a professional screenwriter that’s been using Story Software. THANK YOU!!!!!” Tom Morkes of Insurgent Publishing

“By far, the best piece of writing software.”

Story Lite free notes storyboard appThis is the FREE Story Lite app for Windows with many example and template files.

Apple Mac version – if you want a Mac version please use Contact to email and I will send one to you.

Geoff Davis, Story Software:

There is a new site for Geoff Davis, please visit

Geoff Davis writing, AI research, and more at

IMAGES, arrows, and clipart too? FREE UPGRADE

The new version Notes Story Board v2.2 has more features (such as image import, etc).
Notes Story Board – check it out here >


“Unbelievable in its flexibility and usefulness.”

“The early adopters of the world are the people who make it possible for new artists, entrepreneurs, and authors to survive… so thank you in advance for being one of them. It means the world to me.”

Unsolicited feedback


  • Story boarding, brainstorming, ideas, creative writing, notes, composition and research
  • Add images, edit and rotate
  • Word processing with side boxes, callouts, sidebars, comments, notes
  • Publish/export all work into word processor, as web pages, and images

Many other uses:

  • Fast easy desktop publishing for ebooks, magazines, teaching materials
  • Presentation with many layouts on huge canvas
  • Publish and export as images, formatted text, web
  • Improve your writing with notes and research!

Many more benefits:

Images – the big difference between Lite and Turbo is image import – photos, graphs, arrows, clipart, more.

Grouping move groups of boxes and images around.

Transparent text box backs.

layer boxes – use this make collages and montages.

Snap to grid – accurately line up boxes

Publish button on toolbar – for word processor, web html export, images export, export to blog, social media etc.

Zoom 2% to 400% with shortcuts.

Many more improvements and shortcuts.

Editor’s Pick on Major Geeks – “It’s easy, stimulating and fun!”

Major Geeks Editors Pick

NEWS: SITE for computer art including story generators MICRO ARTS GROUP – visit now


  • SPEED UP work with this multiple box text editor (images imported soon).
  • IDEAS and NOTES – never lose them!
  • IMAGES can be added for any reason, arrows, photos, etc!
  • IMPROVE AND EXPAND your writing by zooming to see all notes and ideas – in the same document.
  • FULL COLOUR 3D work space for text and images.
  • ONE WORK AREA – keep all notes, ideas, main text, refs, URLs etc in ONE place, one file save.
  • ZOOM interface, color, export and publish, drag and resize, many features.
  • CREATE IDEAS just by changing the layout (2D) and zooming in and out (3D)

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