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Teenage horror vampire werewolf and zombie

This is an interactive Story software example file that has been published on the web.

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Teenage horror vampire werewolf and zombie

This is a newish sub genre of Horror.

Very popular with teenagers and others of limited experience but great imagination. Perhaps your teacher is a werewolf.

Add this to your Horror story idea:

  • Adolescent anxiety of identity.
  • Fear and ignorance of sex and intimacy.
  • Halloween.
  • Life’s a party – a fancy dress party.
  • Gothic makeup.
  • Cheap quality drugs and alcohol on an innocent mind – and the hangover.
  • Too much internet porn and violence.
  • Cartoons. From Mickey Mouse to Anime.
  • Ronald MacDonald – and clowns in general. (Coulrophobia is fear of clowns).
  • Aliens with cool skin. (I mean cool as in cold).
  • Lizards.

Add a few of these elements to a 19th century Gothic horror story, and you could have a hit.

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