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Educational tracking

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Want to keep track of notes and ideas to do with your child? Normal and gifted, special, whatever, it is always a good idea to keep notes with dates in a handy custom layout.

Exams? Bullying? School challenges? Behavioural challenges? Just make a quick note in a new Box.

Use Story software to keep track of events and progress of education at home, school or college. Any dated notes can be added, pictures (v2.0), teacher’s comments and anything else.

Keep a log and diary of extracurricular classes, detentions, responsibilities, feedback from educational staff, friends and neighbours.

Sounds a bit like Orwells’ Big Brother is watching you?

Just add some photos and fun images, drawings or art work, and make it a joy not a nuisance to keep.

More and more things added? No problem.

Add more and more boxes.

The Story canvas will just keep on getting longer, wider… and you can print and export anything you want.

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