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Web content

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Web content: all that stuff you stare at for a large percentage of your waking life. Gone are the days of strolling happy as a lark in a meadow. Larks have legs too.

Web content is not just copywriting – making text for the screen (shorter words, sentences, brief paragraphs, lists, bullet points, diagrams).

This flat screen joy includes:

  • text
  • visuals, images, photographs and animation
  • video
  • interactivity content – user messages
  • aural content

User experience is the combination of the user interface (UI) and the content, and you.

It also includes interaction design, narrative, the ‘story’ of the website (which includes predispositions created by brands, culture, news, etc.

Information Architecture

Web content is a part of the IA of a site, and that includes

  • navigation
  • page content
  • search
  • labeling
  • online, offline and private protected content

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