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February, 2011:

Kindle software – new features delivered via wifi

I just got en email about new features on Kindle, which are delivered via wifi. Aimed at adding social media features…

All quite useful if you can be bothered – well we have to ‘smile or die‘. Social media is for bullies? Nah…

Features are:

Real Page Numbers

These only show when switched on, but they are the same location (text wise) as those in print editions which means you can switch between the two formats. This is part of the idea of having real and electronic systems side by side.

Public Notes

This allows you to comment in a kind of social media way, depending on settings. This is a sort of book club idea, and is quite useful for new authors assuming you can get your pals to hype you a bit.

You can follow other people’s comments, join discussions and so on.

You can also use it a bit like bookmarking so you can keep track of what you have been up to, including recommendations etc. Also view notes you have made.

Before You Go…

At the end of a book can go online to rate it, comment, read others on it, buy more, did I say buy more…

New Newspaper and Magazine Layout

Have not seen yet so can’t comment – this is in response to the iPad and tablet dominance in ereading of color magazines format.

More when we actually receive it… via wifi Whispernet – that is quite neat as I am now on an island in the Andaman Sea