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Famous author Lynn Viehl – “Highly recommended!”

After Midnight by Lynn Viehl

After Midnight by Lynn Viehl

“Excellent demo videos showing the program in action… Installing was a no-brainer and didn’t take long, maybe a minute.

I like this program a lot as an on-screen editing environment. I also think it would perform well as a mind-mapper, a virtual storyboard for plotting, and a simple, first draft-type writing area.

What I really liked was how easy and logical Story Lite is to use from the first time you give it a go. The limited amount of tools and commands on the task bar were a big plus for me; I find I’m more apt to experiment and try using a new program if there aren’t a bazillion menus, icons and options I have to first figure out.

I also think it can be used for many other writing tasks, as you can pretty much tailor it to your individual needs.

I highly recommend giving this freeware a try. I also think it’s worth watching, as the designer is planning to develop it, and has created a community for registered users to provide feedback and exchange ideas.

Extract from long review at author Lynn Viehl’s Paperback Writer blog, USA. May 2011. Visit Lynn Viehl’s blog and Story Lite review >



“A great program…”

“It looks like something I could find really find useful. Thanks for sharing.

I’m trying to organise 8 years of notes all pertaining to one series of novels. Your separate scrollable windows are great for seeing the various notes at a glance. I really like that.

Your method seems to be the best for organising notes – chapters too. Lots of things.

I have thousands of Word docs for my project and it would be great to make notes in Story Lite and have a link to the Word doc it refers to.

So thanks again for your software and sharing with us disorganised writers. I like your templates and advice and tips you give too.

I enjoy using Story Lite and am looking forward to Story Turbo. I’ve just told a friend and given her your link. A great program.

Leigh Allen, artist, designer, writer, Ghost Dolls stories on the Ravensbreath website, May 2012

Gizmos freeware 5 stars best

“Great general-purpose organizer” – Gizmo’s Best Freeware site

Story Lite is a free application which is mostly aimed at those who write fiction (by which I mean novels and short stories, rather than expenses claims!). But it’s actually a great general-purpose organizer too.

It’s basically an electronic whiteboard onto which you can write sticky notes and move them around. What makes this program particularly handy is that you can zoom and pan the screen, which means you can fit loads more information on it.

Rhiannon, main reviewer at Gizmo’s Best Freeware >

“It’s great because I can move the boxes around…[and] add color to highlight!”

“I’m using the program to collect bits of information (births, marriages etc) that don’t fit anywhere yet in my family tree. It’s great because I can move the boxes around as I see connections between them, add color to highlight people in the same family etc. Once I’m certain that I’ve got the right information, I can transfer it to a more conventional genealogy program.”

Genealogy story software

Genealogy story software

Stella, constructing a family tree, Australia, September 2011

“Transparently logical and the unlimited canvas is very cool.”

I can’t tell you how much I like this software concept. Wish I had known about this a while back. I think you are on to something. It is transparently logical and the unlimited canvas is very cool.

I like your bias toward simplicity and direct usability. Most designers, because they are very smart people, design for themselves and get narcissistic about deep feature sets that seldom get used. I like simple tools myself, ones that have a low price of admission and are very flexible.

Keep up the good work. This is software I will gladly pay for. It meets my need for a non-linear note taker and an tool for the creative deconstruction and reconstruction of a design project — a direct hit for a old systems dog like me.

It would be interesting to be able to link stories to create a sort of 3rd dimension. Looking forward to Version 2.”

Michael Dougherty, famed Photographer; Compton Photography, USA. September 2011. Visit Michael’s Fine Art America photography > and also Michael’s Arkansas Wildlife Photography site >

“Story Lite has potential to implement Getting Things Done.”

“Great product. I used a version to get myself organized. I have several projects going, with several points under each. One text box for each project is great, especially since I can move them around, minimize them to get them out of the way as needed, etc. Story Lite has potential to implement Getting Things Done.”

Ron Pero, June 2012.

“Story Lite seems to work in just the sort of way I think.”

“Hi Story Lite folks, you wonderful people you!

Just thought I’d drop you a line to tell you how I’m getting on with
your software.

I downloaded Story Lite a few days ago to help me with writing my
University essays which which I often get in a bit of tizzy.

Due to the large amounts of information I’m usually faced with, I’m often
perilously slow at composing my essays, however your software solution
is just what I was looking for to help me! It seems to work in just
the sort of way I think and I’ve quickly adopted a sort of system of
box arranging to aid my thinking.

I’ve been working on my drafting in Story Lite then intend to paste
everything into my usual word processor for editing and formatting.

Anyway kudos, well done and may good things be bestowed upon you.

Chrissie, Dec 2011, student, Devon UK.

“Much easier to manage.”

“Give it try… We are a small team of people who write manuals and workbooks and this is a very efficient way for proofreading. Right now we use different colours but this looks like it`s much easier to manage.”

Susan, Proofreader, UK, Dec 2012

Editor’s Pick on Major Geeks – “It’s free, easy, stimulating and fun!”

See Major Geeks site >

“Unique software”

Story Lite software Rated by 5 points award on download ready

Rated 5 points top award on site Download Ready, June 2011.


“Hey that’s way cool… just what you want when you construct an idea… cross ref panels of notes / idea / text. Brilliant.

And the colours help organize your mind… good work. I’ll tell my friends.”

Simon H, video editor, Wisconsin, USA. April 2011

“I love the program. Story Lite is excellent. Thanks for making it available.”

I have a novel I am reworking. Originally, it was fan-based (though the main characters were my own invention) and I am taking out all references to the work that originally inspired me. To do that, I need notes of what I am changing.

Story Lite is excellent for that. To give you a couple of examples [of how I use it], I have put a list of name changes for characters in one box, information about how large I want the chapter headings, etc. in another.

Toni Bate, new author, October 2011.

“Good idea, thank you”

“Hi there. I think I got familiar with Story Lite within the last hour.
It’s really nice, good idea and work, thank you.”

Chris W, musician, Germany. March 2011

“Incredible and wonderbar”

“Your soft is incredible and wonderbar. Great job!! 8-))

My goal is mainly to create story board to help slideshows.
Else I use Story Lite to do planning, website pages, Desktop publishing for my photoclub, etc etc…
Are you happy that your soft is useful? 8-))

What are the future implementations?”

Alain, France. May 2011

“With Story Lite, the scenery changes.”

[Translation from Spanish]
When working with conventional text editors like Word or Writer, it is difficult to keep it all in the same window, in an organized manner.
The background color settings, focus and source can be individually made for each text box.
This makes it even easier to recognize, visually, the different classes of notes.

With Story Lite, the scenery changes.
This is a software specially developed for those who do not give up this method of creation. In the Windows software you can create multiple text boxes, capable of receiving the temporary information that will guide the author.

Review on Baixaki software site > (in Spanish) August 2011 (they say not for Win 7, which is not true, it is for Win 7!)

“Essential… Writing is hard but this makes it fun”

“I used Story Lite to finish writing my second novel. Writing is so hard but this makes it fun. You can use it for notes, ideas, anything, it is essential! The notes are like post-its. You can move them around to make new ideas and to organise old ones.

Because my mind is in so many places at once, it helps me to be creative and experimental. There are no limits on the number of ‘post-its’. I won’t lose my ideas this way. No scraps of paper or back of envelopes. Every idea is important and will be used at some stage.”

Ivy Ngeow, published by Silverfish, winner of Middlesex University International Fiction prize, broadcast on BBC. London, UK. April 2011

“Brainstorm ideas on the same page”

“Very interesting… useful while writing, especially if you’re a fiction writer, since you can brainstorm ideas on the same page.”

Christina at Cash Campfire [], May 2011

“Very efficient for proofreading, much easier to manage”

“We are a small team of people who write manuals and workbooks, this is a very efficient way for proofreading. Right now we use different colours, but this looks like it`s much easier to manage.”

Susanne, UK. May 2011

“A handy and reliable application designed to enable you to edit and write”

Softpedia software download site, June 2011

“A new publishing format”

It is also a new publishing format as it can be used to make text works that go in all directions, rather than straight down the page.

It allows writers, bloggers, artists, business people working on ideas, presentations, educators, etc, any user of word processors, to have multiple documents open at the same time for comparison and editing.

Softsea pro logo 4 stars Story Lite

Review at Softsea software site [], June 2011


“Cool!! Very useful”

“I can’t think of another program that works like this. I am using this … for editing a novel, can have many editing boxes, I keep all my ideas in view. Also any of my stupid or not stupid ideas get put in a box so I don’t forget anything. Cool!!

All the stuff gets saved off in one go, so you can open yr file just as you left it. You could use it for anything texty, not just fiction. Lots fun, very useful.”

Betty T, Penang Malaysia. May 2011

“Flexible and original Desktop… more than Windows”

“Story Lite for Windows is an application designed to increase productivity in the creative sectors of a company and, why not, home users who are in the process of generating ideas or projects.

…Story Lite for Windows is a simple utility that offers a flexible and original Desktop to work, even more than the one built with Windows.

Superfiles, May 2011. See Story Lite on Superfiles >

“A mapper for your stories”

Review on Fresh Free Stuff site

You could use this software to increase your productivity. Basically its a software that let you write sticky notes and move them around, and you can zoom and pan the screen so you can put loads of information without loose another information. So basically it’s a mapper for your stories.

Fresh Free Stuff site Nov 2011

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