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June, 2012:

Story Mobile, iPad and tablet app with images, text, Instagram social media integration

Story Mobile crowd funding

Story Mobile crowd funding

Last week to invest and get a return in Story Mobile, my iPad and tablet app with images, text, Instagram etc integration.. pls visit:

Story Mobile crowd funding iPad and tablet images, text, Instagram app >

iPad app Story Mobile – crowd fund, invest and get a return

Story Mobile iPad tablet

Story Mobile iPad tablet

Crowd funding is the new way to get projects off the ground, and also get a return on your investment. People power!

We are crowd funding a new Story Mobile image/text editor for the Apple iPad, and later the Android tablet. You can invest and get a return on sales of this very popular app. Story Lite has 40,000 people using it, many have an iPad.

It will have same features as Story Turbo, image and text boxes on a huge canvas, with a zooming interface. Plus some extra features.

Story Software suits the iPad as it does all that zooming and panning.

Please visit to see Story Mobile videos and fund – starts at 2.50 UKP to 100 UKP.

Visit Story Mobile info and videos now on the Appsfunder site >