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Downloads – examples and templates

FREE writing creativity app and How to Write ebooks

Story Lite has a bigger and better sibling, NOTES STORY BOARD v2.2 – with images and a lot of clip art and free templates, advice files etc.

There are also How to Write ebooks.

Please visit the new site for latest offers, many free.

The new site is at NOTES STORY BOARD if you want to visit that.

Add text styles to a Story Software document

Story Software text styles

Story Software text styles

Text Styles Template file

There is a new file for text styles, you can use this as a basic method to copy/paste styles into new boxes (or clone them). You can edit these to suit, they use a serif font (Times New Roman) and a sans serif font (Arial) and a number of styles like Heading, Subheading etc.


Top 10 uses for Story Lite productivity software creativity

We have just added a page of top 10 uses of Story Lite showing the huge range of things you can do with it. OK, in the realm of productivity and creativity software!

See Story Lite Top 10 uses for creativity productivity software >

Solar system Earth Sun to scale

Solar system Earth Sun to scale

Competition with winners and prizes – Story Lite, fiction, non-fiction, essay, story, writers, writing, bloggers, blogging, free

We are having a sort of test competition to see how it goes. The prizes are Amazon vouchers. Just send in your most interesting and original uses of the Story Lite software and we will decide.

You also get your work in Story Lite publicized on our website, so that is a bit of fame too.

We also have a points system running for entries in Facebook and Twitter etc, if that actually works. This is a trial.

We intend to have monthly competitions for fun prizes, perhaps even stretching to Kindles, Sony Readers etc once we get going.

Story Lite version 1.1 out – free no sign up needed – go get it folks

Latest version of our unique productivity software is now out for Windows (Mac/Linux in next day or two).
No sign up required – just download and run!

This has interface improvements and some minor tweaks ‘under the hood’.

If you already have v1.0, I will email you soon will special discounts on all future releases of our commercial software (coming soon).

May 2014 – new version
Download Story Turbo now >

Make a Story layout with Earth, Moon and Sun – accurate distance and scale

This is accurate for the diameters and also distances:

  • the Moon is about a quarter the diameter of the Earth, and 30 diameters away
  • the Sun is 109 times the Earth’s diameter, and 11,700 diameters away.

See Earth, Moon and Sun – accurate distance and scale >

This is easy to do in Story Lite. Even with a smallish Earth / Moon the Canvas size has to be 125,000 pixels. This is about 122 normal computer monitor widths. It can be done (Story Lite can do anything) and navigate by using the red box on the Info Map. Just download and try out in the software.

I suppose this is a bit like a SF fantasy of space travel – move your frame of reference and there you are.

Next stop – Alpha Centauri – 4.37 light years. That is a lot of pixels.