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Web Business Education

NEWS: Upgrade to Notes Story Board – the creative upgrade to Story Lite – with how to write ebooks bundle!

Extra features are:

Image import and layout

Clipart collection for brainstorms, graphics, comic style layouts, arrows, lines, boxes etc

Plus many other benefits and enhancements.

Story Lite v1.1 desktop software system is useful for presentations and reports and campaign tracking.

Use it for non fiction books, science books, business reports, education and teaching reviews, essays – anything at all!

Business and Education – writing of reports, reviews, notes, project management, progress diaries.

Web uses include organizing internet marketing campaigns, as all relevant documents, dates, notes etc. can be kept in one document. Keep track of passwords and file details in one document.

Internet marketing campaigns involve multiple blogs, websites, affiliates, logins etc., which are very hard to keep track of if all in separate files.

If you are working with many online jobs, you have to track a lot of information. Put it all in one place. Encrypt. Sorted!

We have put in some images on these pages and some lists as we have been a bit busy with the fiction example templates.

We will make template examples for many possible uses:

Specific examples of Business and Education non-fiction

  • Business reports
  • Design document
  • Diary and project management notes
  • Journalism / Memoir (collected or book form)
  • User manual
  • Documentation
  • Legal documents

Non-fiction categories

Our software can help produce non-fiction as well as fiction books. Any form of writing is made more easy.

  • documentaries (any subject)
  • essay (magazine articles etc)
  • cookery & recipes
  • military / war / combat / weapons
  • history
  • self-improvement
  • business improvement
  • business and trade analysis
  • technology
  • space, astronomy
  • science
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • physics
  • evolution
  • nature
  • business
  • history
  • travel / tourism
  • health
  • children
  • hobbies
  • garden
  • DIY / building
  • gardens / gardening / landscaping
  • cars
  • planes
  • ships
  • sport
  • autobiography and biography
  • philosophy
  • new age / mysticism
  • religion
  • dictionary / reference / encyclopedia

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