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Copywriting – be a copywriter

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Copywriting is commercial writing usually for magazines, directories, now the web, anything that is just descriptive or advertising or advertorial (which covers a lot of ground as most magazine articles are advertorial).

Web content – see different page in this menu.

Popular areas for copywriting are:

SEO copywriting – search engine optimization – basically, web site writing using keywords (such as ‘iPad’ or ‘computers’ which relate to your website). Online marketing copywriting and SEO services are a good area for regular if dull work.

Business copywriting – writing the blurb in all sorts of manuals, annual reports, company histories, even speeches, although this is a more specialist area.

Web page copywriting – same as magazine writing but using shorter words, sentences, paragraphs, bullet points, lists, even diagrams, for onscreen reading. Web page viewers scan rather than read, so use titles, sub-titles, bullet point lists, one line paragraphs, and try and answer their need rather than droning on about yourself.

Advertising copywriter, or ad copywriter – for adverts, has to be short and sweet, catchy, memorable, get the message across, and even rhyme.

Good example is ‘Go to work on an egg‘, not by famous writer Fay Weldon, but actually by Michael Twogood, who was became a Christian pastor.

Copywriting fees – well that is a good question, top copywriters can earn thousands per articles; but a lot of web copywriting is not so well paid. But it is a writing job!

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