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March, 2017:

New app out and new writing courses too

Notes Story Board writing app

Notes Story Board writing app is the latest version!

You are now visiting the site for the original 2010 version of Story Software, Story Lite.
This is the text only version, which is still the most popular. The Story Turbo version with image import, and a few other additional features, came out later.
And the most recent is Notes Story Board, which I made so there was a version with a keyword based name! Because what might Story Turbo be, help for fishes? Or drag racers? (Or drag racing fishes). (Yes I know turbot has a t at the end, this was a joke once).

By the way, there was also a Microsoft Office plugin, that was widely ignored from 2014-2016, so I retired it. So please be clear, we have too many apps. Notes Story Board is the most recent!

Story Turbo is here (it has a useful website with how to write articles) >

Notes Story Board is here >

I also do a writing advice site at Top Writing Courses >

There are also many Kindle how to write ebooks available here >

The courses there are short and to the point, unlike some others. That is why they are ‘top’ – short and sweet.