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Ereaders compared review video – Kindle, ipad, Sony Reader, Android

This is a good introduction to the ereader debate – which is basically Amazon Kindle vs. Apple ipad. Also don’t forget Sony Reader, Android tablets etc…

Ereaders video and short article >

We have put a lot on about ereaders as we are making a web app version of Story Lite that will run on any device including the ipad and also the browser in the Kindle.

Ereader formats, PDB, MOBI, LTF, EPUB, PDF, Sony, Amazon Kindle, Apple Ipad, netbook, Samsung, tablet

Ebook formats comparison and Ereader formats

There are so many formats it is called a format war.

Confused? You bet. That is why the most popular format is good old PDF.

We look at the different formats, PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML (the standard ones) and the more specifically ebook/ereader ones, sometimes proprietary, such as PDB, MOBI, LTF, EPUB, and a few others.

Of course the big issue is DRM – digital rights management – which people moan about but how are people supposed to be artists, build a business, provide services, etc? We also discuss that too. What do people say?

Story software (Story Lite, Story Turbo) as an ebook or electronic format

The Story Lite software can be used as an ideas generator, to help you in your writing or blogging, by allowing all notes to be viewable when you are writing.

It can also be used as an art format in its own right.

Multimedia art can be created using the multiple text layout. Some examples are on this site.

Making these available to an ereader depends on the dimensions of the Story layout.

We are having competitions soon for best use – keep an eye out!

ibooks on the iphone and ipad

This looks very nice; can keep the kids occupied I suppose.

ibooks on ipad iphone - Winnie the Pooh

ibooks on ipad iphone - Winnie the Pooh

No one ever mentions climate change these days, it seems to be last year’s thing. Isn’t the constant recharging of batteries on all these mobile devices, er, excuse me, bad for the planet? That sounds so 2010!

Most normal homes now have 2-? mobile devices on practically all the time – smart phones, netbooks, laptops, ipads, tablets… wall flatscreen TVs in many rooms… just sitting there using up a bit of power.

I know some older people who switch off their mobile phone when not using it… this is a bit weird as they cannot be called. Or perhaps that is the idea.

This mania for social media, always connected, being rammed down everyone’s throat now (even in print ads for saucepans etc), I always think you should look at the bottom line, which is device manufacturers profits and service providers profits… marketers and the app developers are along for the ride. Perhaps social media will be ‘so 2011‘…

This Pooh story on ibook for  iphone/ipad is a modern objectification of a nice old book into this advanced multimedia object. It is all a sort of training for future connectedness, and immersion in modernity. Which is not what Pooh was about at all (the new Disney cartoon versions have Tigger as lead character, and a scooter girl being active).

But of course a book is technology. Adapt and survive.

Our tech writer Azeema is blogging here about some of these ereader devices over the next week or two. We were going to have a section on ereaders and ebooks, maybe later.

Story Lite is a publishing format, and we are producing an ipad version soon. So who are we to talk about energy use? 

Here is the link:

ibooks on the iphone and ipad >